About Gracie's Promise
        Gracie’s Promise is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission it is to “raise funds and give financial assistance to families with members, primarily children 21 years of age or younger, battling catastrophic medical circumstances. These families will be selected from applications submitted to Gracie’s Promise.”

       In our rural regions, families often must travel long distances for multiple treatments at large urban hospitals for the results of severe illnesses and disabling accidents. This places extreme negative stress on work schedules, finances, and the emotional and spiritual well-being of the entire family.

       Gracie’s Promise was created in 2009 to address these needs. Families whose applications are approved receive quarterly funds to pay whatever expenses they choose. The Board of Gracie’s Promise is committed to assist the family in this way as long as the family has needs and as long as Gracie’s Promise has resources. Thus fundraising is a large part of the work of Gracie’s Promise.

       Our first and foremost fundraising effort has been the creation of wildlife art note cards, printed from the works of award-winning Wyoming wildlife artist Bud Watson of Torrington, Wyoming. These art note cards are available at Gracie’s Promise special events and displays. They will also be available as e-cards at the graciespromise.org website which is currently under construction. Larger prints available upon request.

       Gracie’s Promise was formed from a need and a seed. In 2009, Bud Watson’s great granddaughter. Gracie Claborn, of Casper, Wyoming, was diagnosed with a lung tumor. At 11 months old, she underwent surgery. The surgeons were not only unable to remove the tumor, but they discovered that Gracie also had leukemia.

       Her entire family went into survival mode. Bud struggled to find a way to help. At the same time, All Saints Episcopal Church of Torrington and each Episcopal church in Wyoming received a substantial amount of money for a “Mustard Seed” project from the Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming. This effort was designed to encourage congregations to reach out into their communities and grow their Mustard Seed money in a way that would benefit the community and beyond.

       Bud Watson suggested to his All Saints congregation that he put his wildlife paintings into art note cards and they be given away for donations to a fund to help families whose children had terrible illnesses.

       The need met the seed and Gracie’s Promise was born. The name of the organization came from Gracie Claborn’s reaction to her illness. As an infant, she had no language, but her spirit shone through. Her bad days were very bad. On her good days, she did what every toddler does. She explored her world. She played tag and dolls with her older sister Teagan, and cuddled with Mom and Dad.

      By her actions, Gracie “promised” that she would live each day with abundant joy, love, and curiosity with God’s blessing and grace. From that foundation of Gracie’s example, the Board and Friends of Gracie’s Promise were able to eventually fund quarterly grants for six families in three states who were going through similar circumstances.

       As other families come to know of the existence of Gracie’s Promise, we will surely receive applications from families. It is important that we continue to tell Gracie Claborn’s story and that of her family. As their trips to Denver from Casper, Wyoming, became more numerous and intense, Gracie’s father, Bobby Claborn, was unable to keep his job, and the family eventually lost their home. They relocated to Greeley, Colorado, and lived with Mom Leslie’s parents. Gracie’s treatments in Denver continue today and for at least another two years.

       Sadly, other families are in similar circumstances. Gracie’s Promise has provided quarterly grants to families whose children are dealing with the ramifications of coma, autism, cystic fibrosis, cancer, and even un-diagnosed debilitating illness. By the Spring of 2011, Gracie’s Promise has worked with twelve families in five states. We will grow, with God’s love.

Our Mission

Gracie's Promise

Raise funds and give financial assistance to families with members, primarily children 21 years of age or younger, battling catastrophic medical circumstances.