About Gracie's Promise
       Gracie's Promise is a Wyoming 501 (c)(3) non-profit charitable organization whose mission is to "raise funds and give financial assistance to families with children, under 18 years of age, battling catastrophic medical circumstances."

        In rural regions, families often must travel long distances for multiple treatments at large urban hospitals for care following diagnosis of severe illness or disabling accidents.  This places extreme negative stress on work schedules, finances, and the emotional and spiritual well-being of the entire family.
        Gracie's Promise was created in 2009 when a "need and a seed" presented.  The need - Gracie Claborn was 11 months old when diagnosed with a lung tumor and leukemia.  Her family were members of All Saints Episcopal Church in Torrington, WY.  The seed - The Foundation for the Episcopal Diocese of Wyoming provided "Mustard See" monies to state wide churches with the intent for the congregation to reach out into their communities and grow their "Mustard See" money in a way that would benefit the local community and beyond.

        Thru the church funding, volunteers and multiple fund raisers, Gracie's Promise began expanding, helping not only local families, but far beyond.  The Board of Gracie's Promise, comprised of volunteers, review/approved applications from families in need.  Once applications are completed, the family receives funding throughout the year to offset any type of expenses they incur throughout their struggle.  The organization continues to be supported by all volunteers allowing all funding to help our families.  As of early 2018, over seventy families have been assisted whether that be months or years as their situation evolves.

Information on how to apply for assistance or help support families is located elsewhere on the website. 


Our Mission

Gracie's Promise

Raise funds and give financial assistance to families with members, primarily children 18 years of age or younger, battling catastrophic medical circumstances.