Sweet Sweet Sweet Sweetheart Cakes
What started out with 15 Sweetheart cakes in 2010 has continued in 2015 with over 600 Sweetheart cakes being baked, decorated, and boxed by our faithful volunteer team. The project was handed off from Kathy McKinna, a former Gracie’s Promise board member, to Brenda Vance, Gracie’s great aunt. With help from each and every one of Gracie’s Promise board members as well as from the larger community, the volunteers met daily for five days for approximately 10 hours each day to accomplish this feat. Between baking and delivery the cakes are then held in a cold storage locker.

As many as 250 cakes travel to Rawlins, Wyoming, where Gracie’s paternal grandmother, Teri Border, does an excellent job in helping deliver both cakes and the message about Gracie’s Promise. The rest are held for orders from Torrington, Wyoming, to as far south as Castle Rock, Colorado and north to Casper, Wyoming, as well as many places in between. Yes, folks, the cakes will be available again next year, the good Lord willing and if the creek don’t rise.