What Can You Do?

If you would like to help, Gracie's Promise has a need for you!

By sending your name, address, email/phone information, and special interests or ideas, you will be added to an ever growing list of volunteers who are contacted when help is needed for anyone of numerous events we attend to insure the community-at-large knows we are here to help.  You will usually find our information table at fairs, art and craft shows, etc.  We have 3 major fund raisers a year.  Valentine cakes in February, a 5-K, motorcycle trip and auction in July and the Festival of Trees in December.  Volunteers of all ages participate in the fun we always have helping others and sharing new ideas.

Please send your information to info@graciespromise.org to be added to the list.

We are always adding new pictures.  Keep checking to see the new photos we want to share with you!

                                 Gracie's Promise Sweetheart Cakes